Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Be afraid, be very afraid - If you are using a Yahoo merchant services or Y! legacy stores:

"Yahoo! and eBay have also agreed to collaborate on ways to increase the quality and comprehensiveness of Yahoo! Web search results for and to provide Yahoo! search users with more up-to-date listings from the millions of products on the marketplace, with the goal to create a better search experience by enabling shoppers to more easily find relevant eBay listings."

Old news, yes I know "but" its worth repeating. Yahoo saturating search results with more eBay listings is a good thing for users of Y! Ecommerce services? NOT! I am really looking forward to how supporting Yahoo store designers/developers try and put a positive spin on this one. Its always good to try and compete with a flood of competitors that sell products for less than "YOU" can buy them for right?

Read it all here: Yahoo sticks it to ya again!


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