Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Extra hour of sleep, priceless -

What if your Ecommerce solution was smart enough to detect changes in inventory, updated product information and be able to publish static HTML pages based on these changes, "automatically" without your having to sit up till midnight to push the button? How cool would that be? Take some of your life back, Storehost online commerce suite already does this - your family will totally thank you for it -

Several reasons automated, scheduled static HTML page publishing is great!
• Publish your Ecommerce sites static HTML pages fully unattended.
• Automatically update product inventory display for static HTML pages.
• Log of published HTML pages for later review.
• Early AM static HTML page updates are less likely to impact your visitors.
• The hearty laugh you get knowing your competitors are still "awake" using a different Ecommerce system that needs "baby sitting" -


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